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Partnership with Humans of Agriculture

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Scholars' contributions to be celebrated in podcast series

The farmer-led research and innovative industry contributions of Nuffield Australia's scholars are set to make waves on a new platform when Nuffield's latest partnership commences next month.

Nuffield has partnered with Humans of Agriculture to showcase its scholars in 10 podcast episodes to be produced over the next 12 months.

Humans of Agriculture was founded by Oli Le Lievre in 2019 and is predominantly known for its eponymous podcast. Now, 16,000 people tune in to the podcast each month. More than 80 per cent of the listeners are aged under 45, and more than 65 per cent are aged under 35.

Nuffield Australia CEO and 2013 Scholar, Jodie Redcliffe, said the new partnership would help propel the stories of Nuffield scholars to a younger, more diverse audience.

"Fresh out of our Annual Conference, where scholars filled two days with their research findings, we are acutely aware of the need to share these stories with the widest audience possible, and celebrate their value to industry and community.” Jodie said.

"Humans of Agriculture aims to help share the real stories of people involved in Australian agriculture, and Nuffield scholars have some great stories to share.

Oli looks forward to celebrating the journeys of Nuffield scholars - both current and alumni scholars - and highlighting their contributions to the industry.

"People who've come through the Nuffield program have impacted not just Australian agriculture but often have a footprint on the global stage as well," Oli said.

"It's amazing, and we want to showcase these people to the world because our purpose at Humans of Agriculture is to try and shift the traditional perceptions of agriculture and build knowledge of the industry from farm to fork and beyond.

"There are Nuffield scholars working in all rural industries and at all stages of the supply chain, so I think our audience will love these stories."

The first podcast episode will be available in early October.

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