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2020 was a year of change, impacting global economies and changing agricultural markets. There is no better time for proactive agriculturalists to consider a scholarships to understand a post-COVID world.


We have been committed for 70 years to deliver valuable scholarships, particularly through periods of change. Our global network is what sets our program apart, enabling scholars to learn how other businesses are tackling global issues and barriers.

1. What is the bursary value?

  • $30,000, subject to guidelines set out on this website, to cover costs associated with the study and reporting

  • Nuffield will withhold some funding as an assurance on submission of an approved report

  • Likely costs exceeding this value must be met by the scholar


2. Will the program be different due to COVID-19?


Historically, the scholarship tenure is a total of 16 weeks. As a result of COVID-19, this has been reduced to 14 weeks for 2021 scholars. The scholarships are broken into:


  • 3 DAYS at the National Conference, Awards Dinner and Regional Tour

  • 14-DAYS of pre- Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC), Australia-based, briefings and visits, followed by attendance at the CSC

  • 28-DAYS participation in the Global Focus Program (GFP) spent in various countries

  • 42-DAYS individual study component

  • 7-DAYS for report writing and submission

  • 4-DAYS at the National Conference and Awards Dinner to present scholarship findings



3. Are there any other changes to the program?


In addition to the scholarship tenure reducing from 16-weeks to 14-weeks for 2021 scholars, Nuffield enables scholars to include domestic, (Australia-based), research as part of the individual study component. A total of two weeks (14 days) of the 42 days can be used for domestic research purposes, subject to approval of a proposed itinerary.

4. What will happen if the COVID-19 situation does now improve?


Whilst Nuffield cannot guarantee when all travel restrictions will be fully eased, should the COVID-19 situation worsen, the scholarship program will be rescheduled or rolled over to extended timelines, in collaboration between the scholar, the investor and our organisation. We want applicants to be confident about applying as we are committed to delivering the same high-quality and valued program as we have for the previous 70 years.

5. What is the longest compulsory element of overseas travel?


The scholarship tenure is a total of 14-weeks over a period of two years. The longest compulsory element is the Global Focus Program (GFP) where scholars are away for four weeks.

6. Due to COVID-19, will I have less access to international leaders and agribusinesses as part of the experience?


Nuffield’s aim is to continually deliver cooperative learning through our extensive globalised agricultural network, and this will remain unchanged. Nuffield will deliver the same high-quality and valuable scholarship experience with international leaders and agribusiness that more than 450 scholars have enjoyed previously.


7. What are the benefits of doing a scholarship?


Nuffield is offering greater access to online learning than ever before, including virtual connections to the global alumni network, agribusiness professional speakers and the ability to prepare in advance of research travel to make stronger linkages and better utilise the overall travel experience. There will also be a focus on communication skills and personal and professional development as part of the scholarship journey.



8. Why is 2022 the year to do a scholarship?


A Nuffield Scholarship is unique opportunity to explore the world to find new best practices, ideas and resources to carry back home.

Scholars are renowned as being able to embrace change, being versatile and seeking innovative ideas – all of which are quality traits during uncertain times.

This recent period has been extraordinary, and there has never been a better time to research how the world has changed, and how agriculture can adapt to complex food supply chains, trade restrictions and consumer behaviour going forward.

9. How do I apply?

  1. Review all pages under “How to Apply” on this website to understand the scholarship commitments.

  2. In 2021, proceed to the “Apply Now” section of this website to download the application form.

  3. Save the application form questions and prepare all responses.

  4. If the written application is accepted, a state selection committee will conduct interviews.

  5. If successful at state level, a final, national selection interview will be held face-to-face or virtually.

  6. If successful through interviews, scholarships will be awarded as part of the Nuffield National Conference.


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