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Nuffield Australia scholars reports 2000 - 05

Michael Hastings - 2005 Scholar

The use of various producer structures and marketing tools to achieve better supply chain management and price stability

Tim Napier - 2005 Scholar

Farming for the triple bottom line

Paul Zuidema - 2005 Scholar

Large Herd Management Labour, Technology, and Freestall Barns

Jonathan Shaw - 2005 Scholar

Biological Farming and Marketing

Simon Turnbull - 2005 Scholar

Dry matter production and value adding in a semi semi-arid environment

Andrew Johnson - 2005 Scholar

Animal welfare within the pork industry and evaluating alternative sow housing systems

David Cattanach - 2005 Scholar

Climate change greenhouse and agriculture

Mark Modra - 2005 Scholar

Weed and insect control, beyond pesticides

Mark Branson - 2005 Scholar

Using precision and conservation agriculture to improve farm profits and the environment

David Cox - 2005 Scholar

Production and management of high yielding crops

Graham Clothier - 2005 Scholar

Lamb Production, Marketing and Quality Assurance

Peter Draper - 2004 Scholar

Cool season pulse crops suitable for rotation with rice

Michael McKellar - 2004 Scholar

Water medication for livestock production

Charlie Hilton - 2004 Scholar

Lucerne pollination using leaf cutter bees/sustainable agriculture with a balanced living soil

Sandra Kirk - 2004 Scholar

Chemical free production of nutrient dense food

Paul Bethune – 2004 Scholar
Patterns of Profit In the Australian Dairy Industry 

Steven Jaeschke – 2004 Scholar
Realising Potential by Modifying Sandy Soil 

Steven Hobbs – 2004 Scholar
De-centralised energy production 

Phil Longmire – 2004 Scholar
Increasing profitability through precision agriculture 

Jim Friend – 2004 Scholar
Lot Feeding Beef – maximising product value

Brent Alexander – 2004 Scholar
Balancing Soil Nutrients 

Dr Anthony Hamilton – 2004 Scholar
Farmers Embracing Change via Diversification 

Joseph Mooney – 2003 Scholar
Growing cattle feed hydroponically 

Brendan Kersh – 2003 Scholar
Sustainable Production & Grazing Methods in Arid Rangelands & Living with Regulation 

Richard Gardner – 2003 Scholar
The Role of People in Expanding Agricultural Business 

Graham Ramsay – 2003 Scholar
Best Management Practices that influence the Agronomic and Economic Outcomes of Growing Crisping Potatoes 

Aaron Edmonds – 2003 Scholar
Directions for Sustainable and Profitable Gains in the Australian Grains Industry 

Brian McAlpine – 2003 Scholar
How farmers can work together for a more sustainable and profitable business 

Peter Best – 2003 Scholar
Cows in freestall barns – management, feeding and health issues 

Benjamin West – 2003 Scholar
Sustainable Conservation Agriculture with No-Tillage 

Richard Heath – 2003 Scholar
The potential for increased nitrogen use efficiency with improved agronomy and developing technology 

Peter Treloar – 2002 Scholar
Investigation of value adding opportunities and the study of grain industry structures 

Dennis Moon – 2002 Scholar
Alternative Rotational Crops & New Crop Options for Australian Tomato Growers 

Trevor Caithness – 2002 Scholar
Alternative Sources of Nutrient for Pasture and Cropping 

Murray Gmeiner – 2002 Scholar
Sustainable Systems Approach to No-Till Farming in (Western) Australia 

Tim Van Loon – 2002 Scholar
A study on liquid technology and it’s future role in influencing nutritional outcomes on the calcareous soils in southern Australia 

Paul Smith – 2002 Scholar
Branded Beef Programs 

Phill Hatty – 2002 Scholar
Integrated Farm Management Information Systems 

Lynton Arney – 2002 Scholar
Seed Stock Production Systems 

Willy Ellison – 2002 Scholar
A Study of the uses of Satellite Imagery and GIS Systems 

Stephen Dilley – 2002 Scholar
Family Farms: The Next Endangered Species? 

Neil Smith – 2001 Scholar
The multiple use of saline water; turning an under utilised resource into a viable one 

John Foss – 2001 Scholar
Future trends in the global Agri-Food industry and strategies for Australia to remain competitive 

Ian Mason – 2001 Scholar
Rice Growing and Irrigation Practices: Breeding and Technology; Water Use Efficiency; Water Politics 

Benjamin William Bootle – 2001 Scholar
Precision Agriculture 

Sandy Forbes – 2001 Scholar
Genetically Modified Crops – The Impact of Biotechnology on International Agricultural Research, Production and Marketing 

Marc Jackson – 2001 Scholar
Growing to Retailing (A Global Perspective – Australia’s Position 

Derek Schulz – 2001 Scholar
Environmentally Sustainable Production With Low Chemical Input 

Russell Ford – 2001 Scholar
Rice varieties and their qualities; Rice trafficking equipment and Rice seeding technologies 

John Traill– 2000 Scholar
Climate change and Agriculture 

Robert Dent –2000 Scholar
Seed cleaning, drying and storage 

Andrew Fowler – 2000 Scholar
The Future for Genetically Modified Crops in Australia: A study of overseas acceptance and commercialisation of GM technologies 

Doug Harkin – 2000 Scholar
Market Supply chains within the Lamb and Beef Industries; Consumer Driven Food Safety

Dean Johns – 2000 Scholar
Precision Agriculture 

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