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Nuffield Australia scholars reports 1990 - 99

Sue McGinn - 1999 Scholar

Women in Leadership Roles in the Dairy Industry

Ross Woodhouse - 1999 Scholar

Export potential for Western Australia & How to attract young people into a career in Agriculture

James Anderson - 1999 Scholar

Dairying, markets & marketing

Brett Roberts - 1999 Scholar

Forage, no till seeding systems, new crops, chemicals & fertiliser applications

Kerrie Richards - 1998 Scholar

A Holistic approach to the Wool Industry


David Harvey - 1997 Scholar

Electronic milking & monitoring in the dairy industry


David Brownhill - 1998 Scholar

Zero till farming technology & innovation


Chris Hoger - 1998 Scholar

Growing, packaging & marketing of lychees & other sub-tropical fruits, as well as pruning & crop protection methods used to maximise cropping


Andrew Barfield - 1998 Scholar

A general study of agricultural co-operatives


Simon Gubbins - 1997 Scholar

Farmers & the supply chain achieving consumer satisfaction


Elizabeth Riley - 1997 Scholar

Sustainable agrochemical use in viticulture


Bernadette Clarke - 1997 Scholar

Developments in vegetable production


Alison Osborne (nee Worsley) - 1997 Scholar

Sustainable systems, including farm practices, holistic management programs


Tony Seymour - 1996 Scholar

Protein manipulation of wheat, no till farming systems, risk management in grain marketing, precision farming


Russell Reid - 1996 Scholar

Prawn farming & aspects of aquaculture


Jane Greenslade - 1996 Scholar

A review of sustainable agriculture


Helen Murphy - 1996 Scholar

Report on a visit to the United Kingdom and Europe


Tony Lehmann - 1995 Scholar

Hemp production, manufacture & marketing. Producers marketing, especially meat, grain, alternatives, diversification & value adding


Duncan McMaster - 1995 Scholar

The United Kingdom Lamb industry & the influence of the texel sheep


Terry Hehir - 1994 Scholar

Impact of GATT: implications of environmental pressure on intensive dairy farming


Peter Cooper - 1994 Scholar

Production & marketing of edible fungi & berry fruits


Tim Funston - 1993 Scholar

Rangeland monitoring systems, re-vegetation & rehabilitation techniques

Michael Sheehy - 1993 Scholar

History of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Community, CAP reform & the impact on global agriculture. The Live Cattle Trade between Australia & Peninsula Malaysia

Kym Green - 1993 Scholar

Apple & Cheery Growing

Warren Drynan - 1992 Scholar

Feeding Dairy & Beef Cattle. The role of silage marketing & the role of Government

Cam McKellar - 1992 Scholar

Production & Marketing of grain legumes & broadacre herbs. Wye College Agricultural Business Management Course Farm Aquaculture

Robert Henry - 1991 Scholar

New directions in farming with particular attention to soil treatment

Max Jelbart - 1991 Scholar

The Dairy Industry, in particular the conservation & use of silage

Peter Nixon - 1990 Scholar

Soil conservation, straw pulping & wool

Brendon Smart - 1990 Scholar

Soil & plant health


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