Selection and Guidelines


Selection will be made:


  1. From the written application;

  2. By a state-based face-to-face interview; and

  3. A final national, face-to-face interview.

Partners and family are not permitted to travel with the scholar during group travel (Contemporary Scholars Conference and Global Focus Program) but are encouraged to participate with the scholars thereafter.

Considerable help is available from scholar alumni to assist new scholars to plan their individual research program, including a mentoring program.

Nuffield Australia reserves the right to terminate the scholarship should it find that the scholar has neglected his or her obligations explicit in the award.



If applicants meet the eligibility, please review and agree to these guidelines before submitting an application:

Application and Interview 

  1. Applications must be completed via the online form. No attachments will be accepted, and it will not be accepted after the closing date.

  2. Application forms and references remain the property of Nuffield.

  3. State Selection Committees will review written applications and interview short-listed applicants. All applicants must be available face-to-face on the nominated interview date/s in their state/territory.

  4. State Selection Committees recommend finalists for national selection interviews. All applicants must be available on the nominated national interview date/s, as listed under the scholarship calendar.

  5. The Selection Committee decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

  6. An applicant’s spouse/partner is encouraged to accompany the applicant to the first, state-based interview, and any accompanying social function.

  7. All scholarships are offered subject to confirmation of investor arrangements.

  8. All successful applicants are required to sign a contract. Nuffield reserves the right to discontinue a scholarship if it deems the applicant is incapable of fulfilling the scholarship requirements and will seek the return of all moneys disbursed.

  9. An unsuccessful applicant may re-apply providing they meet the eligibility and guidelines.

National Conference 

  1. As part of the National Conference, successful applicants will have one full briefing day prior to being presented their scholarship at the Awards Dinner. All scholarship winners must attend a) the briefing day, b) awards dinner, c) conference day and d) a one-and-a-half day regional tour. 

  2. It is compulsory for scholarship winners’ spouses/partners to accompany the scholar to a) the briefing day; and  b) awards dinner. Nuffield will cover the spouse/partner’s air travel costs.


  1. The scholarship must be taken at the advertised time, subject to any unforeseen changes in travel restrictions. Nuffield will do everything possible to assist the scholar to ensure the safe and timely completion of the scholarship.

  2. The tenure of the scholarship is two years from the Awards Dinner. Five weeks of travel are organised group travel – the Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) of one week, and Global Focus Program (GFP) of four weeks.

  3. Partners and family are not permitted to travel with the scholar during the five weeks of organised group travel (CSC and GFP).

  4. The individual research component is eight weeks. 

  5. The scholar is responsible for obtaining a passport, relevant visas and currency.

  6. A bursary of $30,000 will be paid to the scholar. Up to $25,000 will be paid prior to travel departure, with the remaining $5,000 paid upon completion and lodgement of a satisfactory report.

  7. Note that approximately 50% of the bursary will be expended on the GFP. Scholars will need to make a monetary contribution to the overall costs of the scholarship, which will vary according to how many times the scholar travels overseas, countries visited, other parties (family) participation and exchange rates.

  8. It is recommended that scholars seek medical advice on their own state of health and fitness and for any medical requirements relating to their travel, including vaccinations.

  9. Nuffield has corporate travel insurance available to scholars for the duration of their scholarship for a small fee, deducted from the bursary. There are excesses in place for claims relating to personal items. It is recommended that scholars seek advice to determine if this covers all individual needs regarding medical, and other cover.

  10. Scholars will cover their own telephone and communication costs.

  11. Scholars must have access to email facilities prior to departure. The use of social media, including blogs is also encouraged.

  12. Scholars will contact the Chair, CEO and their scholarship investor several times during their travel, keeping them advised of their progress.

  13. Scholars must write a comprehensive report of their study topic that reflects their learnings over the scholarship tenure. This must be produced in the provided format and submitted within an agreed timeline set out in the scholarship agreement.  

  14. Scholars are ambassadors for Australia, their industry, Nuffield and themselves, and must conduct themselves in a manner befitting their role at all times. Nuffield reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship and seek the return of all funds if, at the sole discretion of the Board, any scholar has conducted themselves in an unbecoming manner.