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About Nuffield

Nuffield Australia awards scholarships each year to farmers in Australia. The objective is to increase practical farming knowledge and management skills and techniques generally. These scholarships give Australian citizens the opportunity to study farming practices in New Zealand, Europe, Asia and the Americas and those countries best suited to the scholar. They will also promote a closer understanding between farmers in the countries visited.

Upon returning to Australia it is expected that scholars will be able to actively spread the knowledge and understanding they have gained among their fellow farmers and others.

Nuffield gives a unique opportunity to stand back from your day-to-day occupation, and to study a subject of interest to you. You do not need academic qualifications, but you will need to persuade the selectors that you have the qualities to make the best use of an opportunity that is only given to a few.

Message from the Chair

The long-term capacity of Australian agriculture to compete and succeed internationally will be determined by the ability of Australian farmers to recognise changing consumer preferences, adopt new technologies and production practices and maintain the sustainability of their operations by protecting their production environment.

To do this they need to be knowledgeable about the forces shaping international trade policy in key markets, the issues behind consumer sentiment and the technological advances being made by producers in other countries. They need to be able to digest this information and then use it to make rational management decisions, which position their farming enterprises to benefit from international opportunities as they arise.

They need the confidence to back their judgement and make the changes necessary to grow, and providing young Australian farmers with this knowledge and confidence is the heart of the Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship program.

Nuffield Scholars have shown they have the capacity and desire to learn about the international agricultural marketplace. They have impressed the selection panel with their achievements, drive to succeed and vision for the future.

Through their scholarships they will return better equipped to manage their operations for future growth and they share these benefits widely and generously with their communities and industries.

Our program is a targeted and proven way of investing directly into the advancement of Australian agriculture. The benefits do not cease on the scholars’ return to Australia. Rather, as a consequence of his or her experience, they are generally committed to a life-long involvement in the international Nuffield network driven by a thirst for continued learning.

Nuffield Australia is a non-profit organisation administered professionally but supported in the main by voluntary contributions made by its members. Scholars willingly give their time and expertise back to the organisation to, in some small way, repay it for the opportunities it presented them with personally.

Our Foundation is critical to the managed expansion and sustainability of the scholarship program.


We are committed to offering this wonderful opportunity to a greater number of worthy young Australian farmers so why not apply today?

Rob Bradley

2009 Scholar
Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars

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