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See What's Possible With A 2025 Nuffield Scholarship!

  • 15-weeks of purposeful learning and international travel with a $40,000 bursary

  • Research a topic that will add value to your business, community and industry

  • Travel overseas and see leading and innovative businesses and identify new best practices

  • Join a global network of alumni – over 500 scholars in Australia and 2,000 worldwide

Monday 4 March 2024

Farmers and agriculture industry professionals are invited to grasp a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as Nuffield Australia opens applications for 2025 scholarships today.

Successful applicants receive $40,000 to fund 15 weeks of study overseas, across 18 months.

“The scholarships offer a unique opportunity to visit, learn from and collaborate with some of the world’s leading agricultural businesses,” Nuffield Australia CEO and 2013 Nuffield Scholar Jodie Redcliffe said.

“In opening these scholarships, we’re encouraging farmers and other industry participants to think big and see what’s possible for their business and industry in 2025 and beyond.”

Nuffield Australia awards around 20 scholarships each year, with a focus on advancing sustainable and profitable primary production.

The scholarships provide a unique global learning experience, allowing scholars to remain competitive and grow their skill sets. Scholarships build capacity for individuals, their businesses and the broader industry.

Ms Redcliffe said Nuffield Australia would again offer up to five drought resilience-specific scholarships this year, supported by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

“As farmers we know that Australia is prone to drought. Of all the climate challenges to affect Australia, drought is one of the most feared and costly in terms of production losses,” Ms Redcliffe said.

“Droughts also bring other emergencies like bushfires, and take a toll on the mental health of farmers and their communities. Nuffield is proud to partner with the Future Drought Fund to deliver specific drought resilience scholarships and also to weave the topic through our scholarship programs and training. This will give all our scholars the knowledge and experiences to understand the topic and make a difference in their communities.”

Claudia Benn, from Arcadia Valley, Queensland, received a Nuffield scholarship for 2024 to help Australian farmers improve diversity and restore biological relationships in grazing systems. She said she almost didn’t apply, but is glad she did because her “life has already changed considerably, and my Nuffield journey has barely even started”.

“The application process alone is a great learning and growth experience so, really, you've got nothing to lose by having a go,” Ms Benn said.

“Once you've decided to apply, my advice is to pick a topic you're passionate about and one that will make a positive contribution to your industry, and then stay true to that.

“I am at the very beginning of my Nuffield journey, and I can already feel it is shaping me personally and professionally.”

Ms Benn, along with fellow 2024 Scholar Ashley Wiese, from Highbury, WA, and the rest of the cohort are in Canberra this week, followed by the global congress in Brazil mid-month.

Mr Wiese said he now regretted waiting so long to apply for a scholarship.

“I think it is hard to ignore the impact of widening your networks globally,” he said.

“I went into the scholarship thinking it was all about my project, but I have realised that Nuffield is focused on supporting my personal growth. I have found the whole experience to be really genuine and supportive.”

Nuffield Australia encourages applications for research topics relevant to any or all industries in the Australian agricultural sector.

Applications close on Friday, May 31.

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed during June, with a final round of interviews in August. Successful recipients will be announced at the Nuffield Australia National Conference in Launceston from 2-6 September.

Find out more and apply at

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