• Between 28-45 years of age. Please note that exceptional candidates outside this age range will be considered

  • Ordinarily a resident of Australia

  • Engaged in farming, horticulture, fishing or associated industries

  • Intending to remain involved in food and fibre industries in Australia



  • $30,000 bursary, subject to guidelines set out on this website to cover costs associated with the study and reporting

  • Some funding will be withheld as an assurance on the submission of an approved report

  • Any likely costs exceeding the bursary value must be met by the scholar

Program Components

  • Nuffield Australia National Conference is a chance to engage with the Nuffield network and agribusiness leaders, receive a program briefing and be formally awarded the scholarship

  • Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) is a week-long program for all newly-selected scholars from around the world. Scholars build networks and consider international trade and policy issues affecting agriculture. It is a truly cultural and ambassadorial experience where leadership skills are enhanced

  • Global Focus Program (GFP) offers a four-week, group travel experience spent in various countries across the world. Scholars select one GFP and investigate agricultural marketing, trade, environmental issues and experience social and cultural aspects of each region

  • Individual Study enables scholars to travel to countries of choice to study their chosen topic

  • Written and Verbal Reporting is a requirement of the scholarship and these are completed following the research. Reports are due in writing as well as online at virtual events and in person at the National Conference