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  • Typically between 28-45 years of age. Please note that exceptional candidates outside this age range will be considered

  • A citizen or permanent resident of Australia

  • Engaged in farming, horticulture, fishing or associated industries

  • Intending to remain involved in food and fibre industries in Australia


  • $40,000 bursary, subject to guidelines set out on this website to cover costs associated with the study and reporting

  • $3,000 of the bursary will be withheld as an assurance on the submission of an approved report

  • Likely costs exceeding the bursary value must be met by the scholar

Program Components

  • Nuffield Australia National Conference is a chance to engage with the Nuffield network and agribusiness leaders, receive a program briefing and be announced as part of the latest intake. Held in September annually, successful applicants will attend the two-day conference and 1.5 day regional tour. 

  • Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC). Held in March annually, the CSC is a one-week program for all newly-selected scholars from around the world. Scholars build networks, and consider international trade and policy issues. Scholars share and learn about different cultures, represent their country and industry, and enhance leadership skills. 

  • Australian Focus Program (AFP) is a 1-2 week program which commences in Canberra with workshops and seminars to understand parliament, advocacy, policy, megatrends and key Australian agriculture issues. Scholars enhance their industry knowledge and visit a number of farms, agribusinesses and research facilities. There is also be a strong focus on drought resilience and sustainability in this part of the component. 

  • Global Focus Program (GFP) offers a five-week, group travel experience spent in various countries across the world. Scholars select one GFP and investigate agricultural marketing, trade, environmental issues and experience social and cultural aspects of each region. Drought resilience research also forms part of the GFP programs.

  • Individual Study enables scholars to travel to countries of choice to study their chosen topic. This component is four/five weeks which doesn't have to be concurrent travel.

  • Written and Verbal Reporting is a requirement of the scholarship and these are completed following the research. Reports are due in writing as well as online at virtual events and in person at the National Conference.

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