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Global Focus Program Videos

As part of a Nuffield Scholarship, scholars participate in a six-week ‘Global Focus Program' world tour to develop understanding of local and international agricultural best practice and meet with progressive businesses, organisations and government.


Travelling in a small group of 8-10, scholars are exposed to the agricultural sector at an international level, as well as creating lifetime friendships within the group. Scholars investigate agricultural marketing and trade issues, environmental issues and experience different social and cultural aspects of each region.

The GFP is described as a major highlight of the scholarship program. In the words of one scholar:


"The GFP was certainly a major highlight. The more I think about it, the more I realise how invaluable the trip is and a truly life enriching journey. I doubt I would have gone to the places that I did if I hadn’t been on the GFP. I  found myself in the most extraordinary situations, from a dinner celebrating the Washington DC restaurant awards, to meetings with US congressmen, EU agriculture ministers, researchers and farmers operating in a wide range of enterprises and scales. There were inspirational people at every turn, willing to share their time and knowledge."

A snapshot of the experience can be found through these short YouTube videos, taken by Tommy Moyles, 2014 Irish Scholar who travelled on the 2014 ‘South Africa’ Global Focus Program. These videos provide insights to the experience of participation in a Nuffield Global Focus Program.

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