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Scholarship Calendar


The scholarship calendar below applies to 2025 Nuffield Scholars, and is a guide only. 

4 March 2024: Applications open

31 May 2024: Applications close

June-July 2024: State-based selection interviews held face-to-face:

  • June: Canberra, New South Wales and ACT  

  • June: Perth, Western Australia  

  • June: Brisbane, Queensland  

  • July: Launceston, Tasmania  

  • July: Melbourne, Victoria 

  • July: Adelaide, South Australia 

  • July: Darwin, Northern Australia (virtual interviews)

22-23 July 2024: Final national selection interviews held face-to-face in Melbourne, including a formal dinner on 22-July 

2 September 2024: Briefing Day followed by Awards Dinner, formally announcing the 2025 Scholars (Launceston, TAS)

3-4 September 2024: National Conference days (Launceston, TAS) 

5-6 September 2024: One-and-a-half day Regional Tour (TAS) 

Scholarship Travel

3-7 March 2025: Australian Focus Program (AFP), held in Canberra 

8-17 March 2025: Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) in New Zealand (includes travel days) 

May 2025: Second part of the Australian Focus Program (AFP) 

March 2025, June 2025,  September 2025: Global Focus Program (GFP) tours


​​​March 2025 - January 2026: Individual research component


January 2026: Final written report submitted

​​September 2026: Verbal report presentation at the Nuffield National Conference


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