Scholarship Calendar


The standard scholarship calendar is shown below.


Due to COVID-19 this calendar is under constant review and may be subject to changes.

Nuffield will continually communicate with applicants during the application, interview and scholarship component stages.

24 May 2021: Applications open

6 August 2021: Applications close

August 2021: State-based selection interviews (face-to-face)


13-14 September 2021: Final national selection interviews (video link)

National Conference, Tamworth, NSW

11 October 2021: Briefing day and scholarships formally awarded at the Awards Dinner

12 October 2021: Nuffield National Conference day

13-14 October 2021: One-and-a-half day Regional Tour, concluding at Tamworth Airport at 12:30pm on Thursday 14 October

Scholarship Travel

March 2022: Pre-Contemporary Scholars Conference briefings in Australia, attendance at the CSC in the UK (subject to international travel rules)

​​​March 2022 - February 2023: Individual research component

March/April 2023 and June/July 2023: Global Focus Program (GFP) tours


August 2023: Final written report submitted

​​October 2023: Verbal report presentation at the Nuffield National Conference