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Animal Health Australia (AHA) is the trusted and independent national animal health body in Australia, bringing together government and industry to deliver animal health and biosecurity.
AHA advocates for, drives solutions and takes a whole-of-sector approach to ensure the long-term success of Australia’s animal health and biosecurity system.

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Plant Health Australia (PHA) is the national coordinator of the government-industry partnership for plant biosecurity in Australia.
The purpose of PHA is for government and industry to have a strong biosecurity partnership that minimises pest impacts on Australia, enhances market access and contributes to industry and community sustainability.

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Regan Lynch 

2023 Nuffield Scholar

Queensland veterinarian to learn global lessons in biosecurity attitudes, practices to help

North Queensland veterinarian, Regan Lynch, will travel the world to explore ways to improve farm biosecurity attitudes and practices in the Northern Australian beef industry. Regan will undertake this study as part of a 2023 Nuffield Scholarship, supported by Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia.

Regan is a senior veterinarian and provides mixed animal veterinary services to north west Queensland. Her work is primarily focused on production and producer consultation and services. This includes pregnancy diagnosis in cattle, sheep and other large animals, artificial breeding services, surgical procedures, and preventative care programs.
She also provides small animal veterinary services and client education in conjunction with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, school visits for primary schools and clinic-based client education events and disease surveillance. When possible, she is involved with Indigenous veterinary visits to remote communities.

Regan will use her Nuffield Scholarship to explore the cultural changes and attitudes to farm biosecurity in Australia and in countries undergoing or having undergone significant disease eradication programs. 

Regan is also part of the Northern Australian Biosecurity Surveillance Network (NABSnet) which focuses on disease surveillance and communication with producers and other involved veterinarians.

“The current incursions of Japanese encephalitis virus and the increasing risk of incursion of lumpy skin disease and foot and mouth disease highlight the need to understand producers' attitudes to biosecurity,” Regan says.

She says there are many tensions to explore in biosecurity, for example the possible financial impacts of diseases of importance can lead to a reluctance to report possible unusual disease cases. As part of her Nuffield Scholarship, Regan plans to travel to Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Brazil and countries in Africa.

This study aligns with a number of industry strategic plans including Meat & Livestock Australia’s Strategic Plan 2025, Red Meat 2030 and 2030 Northern Australia Biosecurity Strategy.

Ph: 0411 594 532


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