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Woolworths is proud to sponsor the Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships program. Woolworths sees its relationships with suppliers as a huge part of its success. This is why these relationships are nurtured, and Woolworths gives back where it can. These positive relationships will provide Australia with the best possible produce, in the most sustainable way.


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Luke Cantrill

Nuffield Australia 2020 Scholarship winner

From Nashdale in New South Wales, Luke Cantrill receives a Nuffield Scholarship with support from Woolworths to research export opportunities in the ASEAN region.

Based near Orange, Luke currently grows fresh, organic cherries across two orchards with over 8,000 cherry trees. Supplying produce to local markets and supermarkets, Luke is keen to evolve the exporting side of his business and the cherry industry as a whole. 

“Like many growers, we are challenged by high volumes and low demand in the domestic market. Using my Nuffield Scholarship, I want to bring back lessons from successful and profitable overseas enterprises and identify new market opportunities for our industry,” Luke said.

“I also see emerging ‘second tier’ markets in China, in places like Sheyang, Xi’an and Quhan, as holding great potential for Australian growers, and want to evaluate access pathways and opportunities in these markets.”

Luke will travel throughout Canada, the United States, Chile, China and New Zealand on his Nuffield research, gathering insights into emerging trends, markets and technologies important to the growth of the Australian horticulture industry. 


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