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Rabobank Australia is a part of the international Rabobank Group, the world’s leading specialist in food and agribusiness banking.

Rabobank has nearly 120 years’ experience providing customised banking and finance solutions to businesses involved in all aspects of food and agribusiness.

Rabobank operates in 40 countries, servicing the needs of approximately 8.7 million clients worldwide through a network of more than 1,000 offices and branches. Rabobank Australia is one of the leading rural lenders and is a significant provider of business and corporate banking and financial services to the Australian food and agribusiness sector. Rabobank has 94 branches throughout Australia and New Zealand in all major agricultural regions.


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Thomas Green

Nuffield Australia 2019 Scholarship winner

Thomas Green of Tintinara, South Australia, receives a Nuffield Scholarship with support from Rabobank.

Thomas will research ways to build consumer confidence in intensive agricultural systems through implementing best practice in animal welfare.


His research will focus on two key areas – existing Australian feedlot animal welfare practices and an investigation of how industry improvements can be better communicated to stakeholders.

As the General Manager of Thomas Foods International’s Iranda Beef and Southern Cross Rural operations, Thomas oversees the operation of a 17,500 head feedlot and 15,000 hectare farming and backgrounding property running 1,400 Angus cows.

“Animal welfare is very topical across all animal production industries, and I think it’s important that we look outside the industry to find examples of businesses that have improved practices and then gone on to successfully enhance consumer understanding to ensure acceptability and sustainability of their industry,” Thomas said.

“Comparing what we do in Australia with other intensive industries globally will reveal practices that can help our industry become more sustainable and profitable for all stakeholders.”

Thomas will travel throughout North America and Europe as he seeks to better understand how intensive agriculture is conducted on a large scale in the United States and by world leaders in animal welfare practices in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.


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