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2021 Scholar_PIETER VA JAARSVELD.jpg

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Pieter van Jaarsveld

2021 Scholarship winner

Pieter van Jaarsveld from Gore, Queensland, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Meat & Livestock Australia.


He will investigate how crossbreeding rangeland and Boer goats can increase meat production and drive greater productivity in the industry.

Pieter runs a Boer goat enterprise on the family farm, alongside an Angus cattle and Wagyu breeding operation. As managing director of the Boer goat business, Pieter currently produces meat goats with a breeding flock of 500 does working through local abattoirs to sell meat directly to consumers.

Currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Agribusiness at the University of Queensland, Pieter is particularly focussed on quantifying the benefits of crossbred rangeland and Boer goats and developing an industry grading system to increase value for their meat. 

“Though the Australian goat industry is one of the largest exporters of goat meat, it’s yet to realise its full potential on a global scale, with a key challenge being the lack of industry focussed research and production data available,” Pieter said.

“There is great opportunity for the Australian goat industry to transform to a more scientifically focussed production system, by developing better management practices that offer practical solutions to goat production systems and producer education.

“Through my Nuffield Scholarship, I plan on attending the Grootfontein Agriculture Development Institute in South Africa, to understand how to better market goat meat and develop quality assessments of these meats and breeds, as well as visit other research institutions and studs globally.”

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