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The Northern Pastoral Scholarship was launched in 2018 by the Australian Agricultural Company, Consolidated Pastoral Company, Elders and S. Kidman & Co.

Recognising the need to foster the Northern Australian pastoral sector, these four iconic agricultural companies joined forces to create the scholarship with the aim of enabling recipients to becoming leaders in their field.

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Munro Hardy

2022 Nuffield Scholar

Identifying opportunities to make Australia’s northern beef industry more productive and resilient

Northern Australian agricultural consultant Munro Hardy will undertake a Nuffield Scholarship to explore the northern beef industry and its market risks, thanks to the sponsorship of AACo, S. Kidman & Co, CPC and Elders.

Munro is the Northern Enterprise Account Manager at AgriWebb. For the past 15 years, Munro has worked with producers, quarantine facilities and exporters and says that he has seen some “big challenges first-hand throughout our supply chain, as well as the day to day issues faced by producers”.

“I've also seen some great success stories from industry leaders creating change and delivering growth. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of the difficulties and pitfalls throughout the industry and where change should occur,” Munro says.

He works with clients to increase productivity and profitability through strategic use of data, focusing on pasture management, livestock management from a mob and individual animal perspective, and staff management from a technology adoption perspective.

“Live export has many risks surrounding it. We are in the spotlight and being targeted,” Munro says.

He says there is a great opportunity for the live export system to be more efficient, which could increase margins for northern beef producers.

“I would like to explore how we can remove red tape and bureaucracy, lowering the cost of governance, while strengthening our traceability, transparency and biosecurity in the process.”

Munro’s research will explore the opportunities to strengthen the whole supply chain, so that various stakeholders can understand performance of individual animals through every stage of the production cycle.

He will travel to the United Kingdom, the United States and Brazil to learn how strategies such as livestock monitoring, animal passports, and better insights into supply chains will benefit producers in Australia.

Munro’s Nuffield Scholarship is supported by AACo, S. Kidman & Co, CPC and Elders.

Ph: 0438 051 387

E: munro.hardy@agriwebb.com