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The Northern Pastoral Scholarship was launched in 2018 by the Australian Agricultural Company, Consolidated Pastoral Company, Elders and S. Kidman & Co.

Recognising the need to foster the Northern Australian pastoral sector, these four iconic agricultural companies joined forces to create the scholarship with the aim of enabling recipients to becoming leaders in their field.

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Munro Hardy

2022 Nuffield Scholar

Identifying opportunities to make Australia’s northern beef industry more productive and resilient

Munro Hardy will undertake a 2022 Nuffield Scholarship to explore how producers can leverage their data more effectively throughout the northern beef industry, thanks to the sponsorship of AACo, S. Kidman & Co, CPC and Elders.


Munro is the Co-Founder and Director of Mutual Food & Fibre, vertically integrated cattle, cropping and fodder production business.

Over the past 15 years, Munro has worked with stakeholders along the supply chain and says that he has seen some big challenges first-hand throughout the industry, as well as the day-to-day issues faced by producers. 


“I've also seen some great success stories from industry leaders creating change and delivering growth", Munro says.


This research will help identify which technologies are best suited to northern beef production systems, and how the data that is being collected, can best be leveraged in regard to market access, improving social licence and access to capital.

Munro’s Nuffield Scholarship is supported by AACo, S. Kidman & Co, CPC and Elders.

Ph: 0438 051 387



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