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Woolworths is proud to sponsor the Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships program.


Woolworths sees its relationships with suppliers as a huge part of its success. This is why these relationships are nurtured, and Woolworths gives back where it can. These positive relationships will provide Australia with the best possible produce, in the most sustainable way.


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Marlon Motlop

2022 Nuffield Scholar

Understanding, sharing and celebrating Australian native foods’ cultural significance and unique benefits

Marlon Motlop specialises in growing and marketing Australian native foods and will further study their history, thanks to a Nuffield Scholarship generously supported by Woolworths.

“The native food industry is a developing one, which provides an exciting challenge for me as a First Nations grower to be able to educate the public and customers on what they are eating, and the beautiful cultural storyline of our First Foods,” Marlon says.

Marlon is a director and farm manager of the Native Co., a company that grows native herbs, greens and fruits in greenhouses north-west of Adelaide and on farmland in the Barossa Valley. They sell to foodservice businesses and restaurants in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

The Nuffield Scholarship will allow Marlon to travel to various Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia, as well as to New Zealand, Africa and Fiji.

“I intend to research the cultural significance and origins of specific native foods such as Warrigal Greens and yam. The desired outcome is to create a body of information which shows the importance of Australia’s First Foods, and the nutritional benefits which give many of our native products the ‘superfood status’ today,” he says.

“I also want to look into the importance of returning the intellectual property for specific native plants to their respective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups.”

The Nuffield Scholarship will support Marlon’s ambition to create a native food industry that gives everyday Australians access to Australian First Foods, and create consistent education on how to use – and respect – the products.

“Like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, farming and agriculture is one of, if not the, oldest industry in the world. I want to create a space where we can create employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.”

Marlon Motlop’s Nuffield Scholarship is made possible thanks to the support of Woolworths.


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