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Sams, Leisa_QLD_photo.jpg

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Woolworths is proud to sponsor the Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships program. Woolworths sees its relationships with suppliers as a huge part of its success. This is why these relationships are nurtured, and Woolworths gives back where it can. These positive relationships will provide Australia with the best possible produce, in the most sustainable way.


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Leisa Sams

2021 Scholarship winner

Leisa Sams from Peachester, Queensland, receives a Nuffield Scholarship with support from Woolworths.

Through her research, Leisa will investigate advanced management methods for stationary beekeeping operations that improve efficiencies, yield, and facilitate the production of high-quality honey and products within a quality assurance framework.

As owner and founder of stationary apiary and honey production business, Hum Honey on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Leisa self manages 200 hives, and another 300 alongside a local family apiary business.

“A rising global consumer issue is food provenance and food security, with the educated consumer wanting greater transparency in the product story and process,” Leisa said.

“For the honeybee industry to evolve with changing consumer expectations, we need to build the capability of our industry to understand the benefits of food production quality programs and implement them in their operations.

“Through my Nuffield Scholarship, I hope to align my research to the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council’s (AHBIC) priority advocacy target, that supports beekeepers to better understand the consumer valued link between production, beekeeping practices and quality assurance programs.   

“There is great opportunity for the Australian honeybee industry to develop sustainable and profitable mid-scale businesses that can capitalise on high value and quality market opportunities, rather than having imported products fulfil domestic market requirements and claim provenance.

“Few resources are available to support the upskilling of small to mid-scale commercial apiary businesses, which is what I look forward to exploring across New Zealand, the European Union, the United Kingdom and North America.”

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