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CSBP Fertilisers are proud to be part of the Wesfarmers group. From its origins in 1914 as a Western Australian farmers' cooperative, Wesfarmers has grown into one of Australia's largest listed companies.

By working closely with our stakeholders and customers, we are committed to finding new ways to remain competitive in a demanding market and investing in the sustainable growth of our rural communities, both today and in the future. Though the landscape has transformed dramatically since our early days, we never stop asking questions or digging deeper to explore new possibilities.  


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Kathryn Fleay

2021 Scholarship winner

Kathryn Fleay from Mingenew, Western Australia, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by CSBP Fertilisers. Through her research, Kathryn will explore how educating consumers and promoting career options in agriculture is fundamental to the growth and sustainability of Australia’s agricultural sectors.

Kathryn is the CEO of Mingenew-Irwin Group (MIG), a farmer-driven grower group aiming to promote and develop sustainable agricultural systems by extending locally relevant research and development information on key agricultural topics.

Working to improve farm sustainability, Kathryn is passionate about ensuring all Australians have a strong understanding of food production, the supply chain and factors affecting production, to bridge the gap between consumers and the agricultural sector.

“During my time in Mingenew, I have been involved in coordinating agricultural school programs at the local primary school, and although most students come from farms themselves, I saw firsthand how limited their basic knowledge of agricultural production was,” Kathryn said.

“If we’re to address future workforce challenges and create innovative solutions to problems within the industry, it’s critical that as a sector we’re educating consumers and promoting career pathways in agriculture from an early age.

“Agriculture is an ever-evolving industry with production methods, technology and markets constantly changing. If we’re to ensure future sustainability and prosperity within the sector, we must focus on educating its future workforce and consumers.”

Kathryn will explore how new technologies are being incorporated into agricultural university courses across the United Kingdom and the United States, and also the factors driving agricultural production in the European Union.  

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