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Hans Loder

2021 Scholarship winner

Hans Loder from Coonawarra, South Australia, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Wine Australia. Through his research, Hans will investigate vineyard data collection and management options that provide the greatest value and insights for Australian viticulturists.

Hans is a viticulturist at Penley Estate, a grape growing and wine production business that comprises an 800-tonne winery and 80-hectares of vineyard.

As someone who is responsible for implementing precision viticulture initiatives, Hans is particularly focussed on identifying efficient data management and storage pathways that allow data to be more easily accessed, interrogated and analysed.

“To increase the value of investments in precision viticulture, we need to utilise this data to bolster productivity and profitability. There’s a lot of interest from Australian viticulturists in vineyard data collection and management, but we’re lacking the knowledge and tools to convert the data into practical applications in the field,” Hans said.

“Through my Nuffield Scholarship, I hope to align my research with the priorities outlined in Wine Australia’s Strategic Plan 2020–25 and focus on key areas such as increasing viticultural efficiency and reducing cost of production .

“I plan on investigating established frameworks, technologies and systems across Australia, the United States, Germany and France, to identify data management and storage technologies that provide the greatest value and insights.”

Hans will also investigate concerns around data ownership and the interoperability of technology platforms, to identify practical opportunities and challenges surrounding modern database systems in viticulture.

Phone: 0417 84 3355      Email: hans.loder@penley.com.au