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William Buckland was a highly successful pastoralist who had a great love of the land and agriculture. His suggestion that his Trustees, in administering funds from the Foundation, “give preference to agriculture and related pursuits” has been instrumental in developing the Advancing Agriculture Program for the Foundation.

The William Buckland Foundation, through its Advancing Agriculture Program, supports initiatives which focus on strengthening the resilience and capacity of regional and rural communities. This includes the support of innovative approaches to farming that increase yield and/or reduce damaging environmental impacts as well ensuring that rural leaders are equipped to inclusively address the challenges and embrace the opportunities that arise through change.


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Georgia Beattie

2021 Scholarship winner

Georgia Beattie from Diggers Rest, Victoria, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by the William Buckland Foundation. Through her research, Georgia will investigate secondary uses for spent mushroom compost (SMC) and its potential to be used to create mushroom packaging or regenerate soil in Australia.

Growing up on her family vineyard, Georgia has only recently shifted back into the agriculture sector as CEO of Bulla Park, Australia’s largest organic mushroom farm.

Georgia’s research will focus on exploring methods to create tangible value for the end consumer through an industry wide collaboration on SCM redistribution and innovation.

“Global environmental consciousness has created industry pressure to create circular economy systems, which provides a great opportunity for the Australian mushroom industry,” Georgia said.

“As a superfood for plants, SMC contains high levels of mycelium and organic substrate nutrients which if redistributed, poses significant benefits for soil regeneration or food production.”

“Through my Nuffield Scholarship, I hope to identify an alternative way to structure and create benefit from SMC for the farmer, retailer and ultimately the end consumer.”

Georgia’s research will focus on high-performance farming, looking to identify technologies and innovations to establish a waste redistribution initiative for the mushroom industry.

“I believe a consumer driven waste redistribution initiative will create the velocity for widespread industry take up and structural changes,” she said.

Georgia will study methods and technologies that are innovating the use of SMC across Holland, China and Israel during her Nuffield Scholarship.


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