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Update: 2021 Scholarships, 2020 Nuffield National Conference

Updated: May 13, 2020

A number of decisions have been taken as a result of Covid-19 which will affect our 2019, 2020 and 2021 scholarship years.

Applications Opening

e will be delaying the opening of applications for 2021 until 1-September 2020 but we are asking potential applicants to submit an expression of interest if they are keen to apply.

Our 2020 scholars have attended their 2020 Contemporary Scholars Conference in Queensland, although the board decided to end the conference two days early, given the changing government advice and community expectation regarding large groups of people. There was a strong obligation to get our scholars home to their families and businesses as soon as practicable. The 2020 Global Focus Programs have been postponed. In addition, our instructions to scholars are that Personal Travel is to be put on hold, and no travel or visits should be conducted under the auspices of Nuffield Australia.

2020 National Conference

Nuffield plans to provide an opportunity for the 2019 scholars to present their report at an east-coast conference late in 2020. We have made the decision to move the 2020 National Conference in Perth from September 2020, to September 2021.

We are supporting our 2020 scholars with as much positive collaboration as possible. We plan to extend the scholarship period for 2020 scholars so they have time to travel in 2021 to research their study topic. At this stage, they will still complete their scholarship with the same requirements for international travel, but over a longer period.

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