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Nuffield welcomes Nufarm as a Strategic Partner

Nuffield Australia and Nufarm have announced a three-year strategic partnership to create mutual value for both organisations and build upon each other’s reach across Australian primary industries.

Jodie Redcliffe, Nuffield Australia CEO, welcomed the partnership.

“Investing in Nuffield Scholars is directly contributing to the development of emerging agricultural leaders as they explore challenges and opportunities and seek solutions in Australian food and fibre production," Jodie said.

“Through this partnership, scholars will have greater access to Nufarm’s research in crop protection, seed technology and pest and weed control, and will pursue their passion for continuous improvement in their production systems.

“Scholars will not just connect with Nufarm to study emerging innovations, but this partnership will also facilitate scholars’ understanding of policy frameworks."

Nufarm Australia’s Commercial General Manager Peter O’Keeffe sees the partnership as highly valuable.

“Our objective for this partnership is to enable the future voice of Australian agriculture, foster the next wave of industry leaders by building their industry and policy understanding, as well as boost their confidence,” he said.

“Nuffield Scholars are continually seeking to expand their knowledge and have a desire to get involved with industry advocacy and policy, thereby securing the future of Australian agriculture.”

The partnership will include information exchanges between scholars and Nufarm’s researchers and managers.

Nufarm Australia, visit

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