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HOA x Nuffield Podcast Ep 2 Out Now


Fritz Bolten, 2021 Scholar, is the guest of our second episode, hosted by Humans Of Agriculture founder, Oli Le Lievre.


At the age of 11, Fritz Bolten landed in the East Kimberley, unable to speak a word of English. His family, originally from Germany, would become first generation farmers in this new community in the vast expanse of the Australian outback.


In this episode, Fritz shares his life story, opening up on the grief that he and his family encountered following his father’s suicide when he was a teenager and of identifying the burden of trying to carry on someone else’s legacy and dreams. He also talks openly about succession and the opportunity that his business has created for non-family members to pursue their own aspirations.


During his Nuffield scholarship, Fritz took learnings from across the world that has supported his personal development, the growth of his business and a topic that he see’s as having great potential in his region as well as Northern Australia more broadly.


“I don't know, if it should be called a Nuffield Scholarship, it should be called an Nuffield network, or Nuffield family.

You become a part of this big family and I can ring anybody in the world and talk to them about challenges or joys or problems and, and they will respond to me at a whole different level because of this network that I've become a part of” – Fritz  

In this discussion, Fritz and Oli cover topics such as:

  • Farming in Kununurra and the impact of the wet season

  • Succession planning and pursuing your own dreams and interests

  • Handing over the reins of your business to someone other than your own children

  • Grief and loss following his father’s suicide

  • The role his Nuffield scholarship has played in his business growth and his personal development

This episode is part of our partnership with Humans Of Agriculture, proudly supported by ANZ Agribusiness. Over the next 12 months, we'll be sharing a variety of stories from different scholars, understanding their journeys, pathways and how their Nuffield

Scholarship has helped shape their careers.

A message from this podcast's sponsor, ANZ Agribusiness:

Farming in Australia is never without opportunity, nor challenge. From season to season, and from day to day, producers manage a myriad of risks and rewards as they produce the vast range of commodities global markets now demand. At ANZ Agribusiness, we’ve been supporting farmers to take opportunities and manage through challenges for over 150 years. We’re a proud and long term partner of Nuffield Australia, supporting its goal of capacity building for producers, their businesses, industry and rural community. Our network of regionally based Agribusiness bankers are ready to support both our existing customers, and any farming business seeking a review of their banking arrangements at any time. Find your local ANZ Agribusiness manager at


Listen to the podcast now:

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