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Be a change maker: Applications close in 10 days

1 September 2020

Australian agriculturalists looking to make positive change in their businesses, communities and the broader agricultural sector are urged to apply for a 2021 Nuffield Scholarship, with only 10 days to go until applications close.

Facing significant challenges, the agricultural sector is looking to its future change-makers to unearth innovative and forward-thinking ideas and concepts that will drive the industry in a post-COVID economy.

A Nuffield Scholarship provides access to an extensive global network, enabling proactive agriculturalists to lead this wave of change.

There are 20 scholarships on offer, each valued at $30,000, giving recipients the unique opportunity to visit, learn and collaborate with some of the world’s leading agricultural enterprises across a wide range of industries.

Nuffield Australia CEO and 2013 Scholar Jodie Redcliffe said that there has been a very positive response to applications for the 2021 program already.

“Though we are in a period of adaptation and change, the positive response to 2021 applications showcases just how readily the agricultural sector and its people are adapting to changing models,” Ms Redcliffe said.

“Nuffield is committed to ensuring the continued delivery of a high-quality and valuable scholarship program that drives industry leadership and exposes scholars to innovative and divergent thinking to expand their understanding of topics and issues.

“To adapt to changing global economies, agricultural markets and environmental conditions, we need to be learning firsthand how other businesses and markets around the globe are tackling issues and barriers within the sector.“Our goal is to ensure Nuffield Scholars have access to the right people, resources and experiences they need to more deeply explore their study topics and produce change within their industries.”

2021 scholars will undertake a global study program, researching their chosen topic across 14 weeks, with a small reduction in the group travel component, shifting from six to four weeks due to COVID-19.

“On completing their research, scholars become part of our 460-strong Nuffield alumni in Australia and a group of 1,800 worldwide, which is a network of influential and forward-thinking farmers,” Ms Redcliffe said.

“There is still time for Australian producers to lodge an application and put themselves forward as future change-makers in the 2021 program. Don’t miss this unique opportunity – apply today.”

Open to farmers, fishers, and those in associated industries between 28-45 years of age, applying for a Nuffield Scholarship is done online via the Nuffield Australia website.

Applications close Friday, 11 September 2020. Interviews will take place across September and October, with successful scholars being announced in October 2020. To apply, visit the "Apply now" section of the website.

With the continued uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of our scholars, investors and the Nuffield community, the previously scheduled 2020 Nuffield National Conference will now take place in September 2021.

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