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2019 Nuffield National Conference

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In 2019, we hosted our conference in Queensland, at The Royal International Convention Centre – EKKA Precinct - in Brisbane.

The theme was 'Collaborate. Innovate. Cultivate', showcasing Scholars’ ability to learn from farmers around the globe, identify cutting edge farming practices and technology, and sow the seeds of change that see individuals, businesses and wider industry flourish.

The program provided in-depth insights into Australian and global agriculture along with a detailed look at agriculture in Queensland. In addition to more than 25 Nuffield Scholars presenting the findings of their scholarship research, there were a broad array of other speakers focusing on the conference theme.

Over 25 Scholars presented the findings of their scholarship studies, and topics included:

  • Effective branding to attract a premium

  • Facilitating the uptake of new agricultural technology

  • Strengthening business and strategic planning capability

  • Business risk management in a variable climate

  • Soil health and regeneration principles in agriculture

  • Key factors affecting farmer uptake of information

  • Enabling better environmental outcomes in agriculture

  • Management practices used to combat urban growth in productive agricultural regions

In addition to the scholars, additional speakers included:

1. Jack Milbank, 2007 Scholar

2. Michael McKellar, 2004 Scholar

3. John Woods, Chair, GRDC

4. Michiel van Lookeren Campagne, Director, Agriculture and Food, CSIRO

5. Dr Heather Smyth, Flavour Chemist and Sensory Scientist, UQ

6. Liz Alexander, Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC)

7. Dr Toby Ford, Ford Heath

8. Tim McGavin, CEO, Laguna Bay

9. Ross Henry, Queensland Farmers Federation

10. Michael Guerin, CEO, AgForce

11. Nic Kentish, RCS

The 2019 National Conference program ran from Tuesday 17 September to Thursday 19 September and was followed by a Thursday evening social function and a two-day regional tour on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 September.

Our 2019 event opened with the distinguished Annual Awards Dinner on the first evening. Here the new 2020 Nuffield Scholars were announced. Mr David Crombie AM was special guest speaker to deliver the George Wilson Oration.

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