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Brendan Jarrett

2021 Scholarship winner

Brendan Jarrett from Cargo, New South Wales, receives a Nuffield Scholarship supported by Rabobank. Through his research, Brendan will study the latest innovations and best-practice management systems in the wine industry, to help viticulturalists better adapt to increasing climate variability and market pressures.

Brendan is the vineyard manager at his family business, growing various grape varieties on 130 hectares of land across three properties in the Orange region.

He is particularly focussed on exploring existing knowledge and emerging technologies that will provide practical solutions for current challenges, across the entire grape growing process.

“Facing increasing climatic challenges and severe weather events, it’s imperative that we’re working to better identify practical solutions for how we can increase the sustainability of Australia’s wine industry,” Brendan said.

“Though my Nuffield Scholarship, I plan to research the latest in automation, vineyard design, alternative power sources for machineries and pumps, and evaluate wine grape varieties for future suitability to the Australian climate.

“There is a growing wealth of knowledge and information on the adoption of technology and more sustainable practices in the wine industry. Through my research, I hope to gain a clear picture into the future of grape growing to help Australian viticulturalists and the broader wine industry better adapt to changing market and environmental conditions.”

Brendan will study disease resistance varieties across France, irrigation technologies and advancements in Israel, autonomy in North American and new vineyard machinery technologies and automation in the European Union.  

Phone: 0437969432        Email: brendan@seesawwine.com